Wedding photo editing service

wedding photo editing service

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in one’s life. And its photos should be as glamorous that you can treasure your wedding memories. Mostly after receiving the wedding photos, you need to edit them on your own. But, Say goodbye to sleepless nights retouching of wedding images. We provide all the wedding photo editing service you need as a photographer at the cheaper rates. Contact us to place the bulk order.

Image clipping BD (ICBD) have professional photographers who provide high-end wedding photo editing service. We have been helping wedding planners, photographers, wedding decorators, and online website owners, etc. for over 10 years.

If you want to judge us, send us your 2 wedding photos and avail our free trial offer.

Photograph Culling Service

Worried about culling a bulk of wedding photographs? Seek our help to get rid of unwanted stress and focus on your other photography work. Only send us your wedding shots. We will carefully fix the issues and send your images quickly.

Photography Post-Production Service

This type of background removal service is suitable for photos having more than two other points, paths, and curves. They also contain many embedded transparencies and holes. Shoes, t-shirts, camera, etc. are the products which come under this category. 

Photo Retouching Service

If you are looking for the high-end photo retouching service. Then you are in the perfect place. Forward your wedding images, we will perform general editing and deliver your images back with a new look.      

HDR Photo Blending

In HDR photo blending the editors blend two images of varying temperature and brightness to achieve top-notch wedding shots. We provide HDR photo blending services at affordable rates.

Removing & Changing Background

Wedding photographs sometimes have an unsuitable background which diminishes the attraction of the photos. To replace this dull background of wedding photos with interesting looking one, we use background remove services.

Remove & Add Object/People

Adding and removing the object or person is very easy and simple. But you need to put them in the right place in the photo. Our professional retouchers accomplish this task realistically. So send your images with instructions, after editing we will send you back.

Color Correction And Editing

Let us adjust your wedding photographs professionally for the best colors, exposure, and clarity. We also use a clipping path to remove errors from your image. Contact us immediately, to place the order.

Photoshop Lightroom Editing

Are you a wedding photographer? Want to make your post-production work easy? If so, then choose the adobe Photoshop lightroom. It includes various services like change in color balance, removal of red-eye effect, sharpening of image, noise reduction, and conversion to black and white, etc. 

Photo Album Creation

Photo albums can treasure the happy moment of the big day. Our photo editors can help you to create a meticulous photo album. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide our best services. Click the free trial button!

Photoshop Composite And Manipulation

We also create some fictional creations with Photoshop compositing and manipulation services. Such services are most common for posters, digital marketing, and campaign. You just tell us your demand and requirement, we will provide you our best.

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