Raster to Vector Image Conversion Service

Raster to Vector Image Conversion Service

Most of the digital photo and photographs that you see on the web are photos of raster graphics or bitmaps (JPG). An photo of raster graphics is plainly defined just with a grid of the regular pixels, which are set for specific colors. The Raster graphics photos are actually resolution dependent and also cannot be made larger without apparent quality loss. Therefore, for photos that need to be reduced to a higher resolution, it is often better to use vector graphics.

The photos that are represented with vector graphics will be scaled to any size and still keep the edges smooth. This is ideal for dealing with things like fonts and logos.

We are going to explain the basics about vectoring so you can learn the difference between vector photos and pixel-based images (raster), the mathematical work involved in converting photos to vectors and the software that is needed to do so.

What Is A Vectorized Image?

When we enlarge a raster photos, we begin to see pixels and artifacts, so this style cannot be used for large-scale projects. And again, vector photos are actually composed of the regular mathematical forms and lines that could be truly expanded (or maybe contracted) many times out there without generating problems. This makes vector graphics much more versatile than raster graphics.

Vectorize is the process of converting a pixel-based photo (eg, PNG as well as JPEG file formats) into a stunning vector-based format (SVG, EMF, and EPS file types), where each facet of the photo is treated as a line or form. This includes text, symbols, and other small details. With a quality vectorization, the two photo formats should not be able to be distinguished with the naked eye.

These photos are created using computer software designed to create complete wire mesh type photos that include knots, lines, and curves. These lines and curves created with mathematical definitions can be added values of colors, shades, and shadows. In addition, these vectors can be resized as many times as desired, without damaging the resolution.

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