Professional Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching is image modification that is accomplished with the help of such photo editing programs as Photoshop and Lightroom. As a rule, the retouches improve the quality and the overall attractiveness of photography.

Jewelry retouching service deals with the light and color correction, the stains or scratch removal and with the bleaching of the gemstones. This service is mainly used for commercial purposes. Our image processing company guarantees professional high-quality photographs that catch the eye of your customers.

jewelry retouching service

What is Jewelry Retouching Service?

Jewelry Retouching Service is a complex image retouching service that requires hard working processes and more time. It is a professional modification of the products image with the help of an photo editing software like as adobe photoshop.

The purpose of jewelry retouching service is to raise the photo quality to make the product items more natural by using the light and color correction, making stone brighter, removing scratches or spots. The designers have to import the image into the Photoshop software to start retouching. Then they do some corrections and increase the photo quality without changing the real size, shape, and effect. They use the best technique with the help of the Pen Tool.