Image masking services

Image masking services

Image masking services : Image masking has many uses but some of the advanced ones are discussed in this blog post. It is mostly needed to remove the background of the images which have blurred edges like hair, doll, or furry clothes by combining with the clipping path technique. The clipping path technique is perfect for the eradication of hard edges while Photoshop image masking is done to knockout furry or soft edges. So in this condition, where it is difficult to catch the accurate details of soft edges, photo masking service is additionally used with the clipping path technique to separate the item from the background of the image.

Otherwise, we also make a good sense of the product or the object by applying a colored background close to the color of the object. Our photo editors use a different tool like Pen Tablet (Wacom) to isolate the product from the background and make an image more attractive. Generally, by using this method, the soft and hard areas can easily be blended. The airbrush size and sketching pressure decide the precision of the product edge blending. Before choosing ICBD, check out our free trial offer.

Layer masking

If you need perfection with the manual photoshopping, this technique can assist you to mask the translucent object and isolate the object by removing the background through Pen Tablet. Price may change, depending upon the complexity and time required.

Alpha channel masking

Alpha channel masking is used to separate the object from the background by editing brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. via adobe Photoshop. It cut down the file size for uploading or downloading. This technique ensures the smooth edges by and photo masking by a single-colored background.    

Fur & hair masking

When it is not possible to eliminate unexpected pixels by clipping path technique alone, then the image masking technique is used. Fur and hair masking technique separates Soft-edged fur and hair from the background of the photo. If needed, we improve the exposure of the image from applying color, contrast, and brightness to make the object look natural.

Photoshop refine edge masking

Sometimes pictures have hidden edges that make it difficult to blend two layers. To remove such imperfections, refine edge tool is a perfect selection. But initially, we prefer to use Photoshop selection tools such as the Pen tool and the Quick Selection tool. Furthermore, we deal with the intricate edges in the image and refine them. The objects like human hair, fur, furry doll, blankets, and trees are made more to look natural by this tool.

Transparent object masking

The pen tool is not a perfect choice for editing the photographs of glasses, jars, bottles, water, and lenses. To hold the transparency of such stuff and to extract the object from the inappropriate background of the photo, use the transparent object masking technique. This nondestructive method ensures the originality of color in the photo.

Translucent object masking

The transparent and translucent object has a difference in opacity and clarity. Translucent objects are opaque which allows them to pass a partial amount of light through the items and produce the images that are ambiguous to identify. The ice-covered glass, sunglasses, wax paper, etc. are suitable to receive translucent object masking. The technique isolates the subject from the background and retains the high quality of the image.

Object masking

To remove the imperfection in an image, we select the portion with the Photoshop quick selection tool and apply a layer mask effect. This is the object masking. ICBD experts hold the object masking to remove the deformation of photos.

Color masking

Editing an image across the boundary, mask the variety of colors, and prevents the hollow line. It is called a color mask. Graphic editors and designers use different effects (retouching, color correction, exposure correction, etc.)

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Image masking services is one of our key skills. We put our maximum efforts to optimally satisfy our customers by high-end photo editing services. We avail different techniques and software like pen tool, pen tablet for creating and modifying the image. Just click the link below and see our popular services.

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