Ghost mannequin services

ghost mannequin services

The Ghost mannequin services effect is a powerful post-production technique used to create a 3D effect of apparel products such as shirts, trousers, cardigan, swimsuits, jewelry, and many more. It allows you to take multiple photographs, combine them together, remove the background, and give a ghostly or hollow look to the lifelike final image. This is the reason, it’s known as the Ghost Mannequin Effect, also called as “invisible mannequin effect” or “hollow man mannequin effect”. A similar effect can be created by the use of transparent mannequin or removable mannequins. All it takes the need for photo editing services to produce a finished product image. The execution of a transparent mannequin or removable ghost mannequin is time-consuming and expensive. So many photographers prefer photo editing, as it requires less practice and is cheap.

The fundamental way to achieve a 3D effect is to capture the photographs of the mannequin wearing apparel from different angles. Additionally flat view the other parts of the garments like the neck, bottom, inner parts, or sleeves and send their snaps to us. Our professional team will use Photoshop to remove the background and make the mannequin seem invisible. It will create the ghostly or hollow human effect. You don’t have images of other inner parts? Worry not! Our team will manage to adjust them and provide you the high-quality results. Also if the product has some bad wrinkles, dust, or spots, we will remove them with our high-end Ghost mannequin services. Not only this, but we can also apply various other techniques like cropping, resizing, shadow removal, etc. to optimize the final imagery.

3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects

No matter if you provide us static or dynamic images, we will apply 3D/360° Packshot Ghost mannequin services to send you the photographs from different angles for your e-commerce sites. Our luring 3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects services providers can also join the different parts of your image like its top, bottom, neck portion, and sleeves.    

Neck joint on ghost mannequin

Once you remove the cloth on the mannequin you will see the empty look of the neckline. We combine the photos of the front and back neckline to produce a real mannequin neck joint effect. We can create this effect on shirts, t-shirts, jackets, blazers, and sweaters, and other apparels as per the customers demand.

Bottom joint on ghost mannequin

Some of the garments have the back part a bit longer than the front part. So irrespective of the length we join the bottom of the apparel using Photoshop. Our experienced image enhancers, work amateurishly to combine the empty parts of the bottom of the dress. 

Sleeves joint on ghost mannequin

Sleeve joint on ghost mannequin services renders to eliminate the mannequin from the empty portion of sleeves and provide a hollow/ghost effect. To get the 3D shape of the long sleeves shirts, jackets, T-shirts, etc. we use the hollow effect which is later removed by our experts. They fill up the empty spaces between the sleeves and join them. 

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