Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service, another great image editing service, is extremely beneficial for e-commerce retailers and product photographers. It helps to increase your product view in online shop. Moreover, it helps to generate more revenue.

Image Clipping BD realize the importance of product display. We provide neck joint, bottom joint, arm joint, 3d pack shot service. we create a ghost mannequin effect for the product. At last, it looks like a ghost effect. Our team can deliver 1000+ ghost mannequin effect service in a single day. You may check our quality hitting this button.

We offer all kind of image editing service like clipping path, image retouching and more. For any query, contact us our support team.

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What is Neck Joint Service?

Neck Joint Service is commonly known as ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service. Neck joint Photo service is a method or technique to remove mannequin or dummy body from the product without destroying product clothes.

To get the 3D shape of several garment’s products, it needs to remove the mannequin from these products by using some Photoshop techniques. it makes an empty place in the neck area then designers need the back part of the product. They joint the two parts of the product properly with Photoshop techniques.