Professional Photo Editing Services

To provide you wonderful photography we are offering the most reliable and best professional photo editing services to the top graphic designers, eCommerce firms, creative designing companies, advertising agencies, publishers, web designers, photographers, and a lot more. We assure you that our high quality, massive experience, and rapid expansion in the field of photo editing will fulfill all your demands. Moreover, we also offer a free trial service to help you, to check our quality. If you have any queries regarding our services, you can contact our dedicated customer service team 24/7 to acquire information.

Popular Product Images that we have operated with

product photo editing service

Shoe Photo Editing

Due to the complex design of many shoes, it’s important to give a little bit of extra consideration to shoe photo editing. That’s the point where our services come into play. We have experts that have a grip on all type of footwear or shoe photo editing, right from simple to complex edits. The shoe photo services we provide are exposure adjustment, color correction, background and spot removal, and shadow creation, etc.

product photo editing service

Clothing or Apparel Photo Editing

If you have started up with an apparel online store, you can reach us as we can assist you in upgrading your product photos to captivate your target audience. We have experienced and supreme editors who will scan your images and find the defects and take obligatory actions to fix those defects. Our services include contrast and brightness adjustment, color correction, wrinkle elimination, background removal, and unwanted object and blemish removal, and apply other essential effects.

product photo editing service

Cosmetic Photo Editing

Do you have a cosmetics e-commerce store and you are lacking high-quality product photos and can’t attract many consumers? Elude these concerns! Irrespective of the shape, size, and appearance of cosmetics, we are experts in cosmetic product photo editing services. We have skilled and professional photo editors who will take advantage of their progressive skills and remove all minor issues present in different kinds of cosmetic product images with exposure, and color issues, stains, etc.

product photo editing service

Electronics Photo Editing

We provide impeccable electronics product photo editing services, either its computer, refrigerator, headset, computer, cell phone, microwave oven, or electronic accessories or products. Our internal photo retouchers will use their touch-up capabilities to idealize electronic product photos in a way to enhance your online store visitors. Therefore, if you require electronic product photo editing services, don’t waste time and contact us without further commotion.

furniture photo editing services

Furniture Photo Editing

Are you grappling to vend furniture items in your online store? Perhaps, it’s because of the slapdash photos of the furniture that is being displayed in your store. Use our premium furniture product photo editing services to make your product photos spick and span and become prominent among your competitors. Doesn’t matter how complex the piece of furniture is, our experienced photo enhancers will put in all the productive photo manipulation practices to produce optimum output.

product photo editing service

Machinery Motor Parts Photo Editing

Don’t let your consumers stay away from you just because of the issues in your product images. Establish your online store separately from others with our premium product photo editing services for machinery and motor parts. One of our special services includes machinery and motor part photo editing by which can image accessories are improved such as tires, mirrors, car wheels, engines, agricultural and industrial machines, sewing and washing machine, etc.

Our professional photo editing services

For the last 10 years, ICBD has been setting its benchmark in the field of photo editing and retouching. With our professionalism, skills, dedication, and time tested process, we provide very quick turnout with 100% results. Check out the details of our services below.

Clipping path and image editing service - Image Clipping BD

Clipping path service

Clipping path is a high demand service that serves our best clients. In this service, we use the unique tools of adobe photoshop to remove the background and place the subject as per clients’ requirements. Besides this, we also apply various other photoshop techniques to provide high-end image editing services to our esteemed clients.

image cutout service

Image background removal

A background matters a lot for the beauty of the photo. The perfect background adds the charm and grace to the photos while an incompatible backdrop makes the image dull and low grade. We remove the background and apply the clipping path technique. Our image background removal services give you high-quality results with low turnout. 

Clipping path and image editing service - Image Clipping BD

Ghost mannequin service (neck joint)

The eCommerce stores and catalogs need to display their apparel like shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, pants, trousers, etc. without any model. This is the point where we find the need for ghost mannequin services. To provide our best, the competent photo editors digitally remove the mannequin from the dress and on the empty space create the neck joint, sleeve joint, and bottom joint. 

high end photo retouching services

Photo retouching service

We ensure perfection in your personal and commercial photos by making the use of the latest photoshop tools and image retouching software. Our experts focus on the image related issues and improve the color, contrast, brightness, and exposure of the photos. In short, our photo retouching services are the best in the market. 

Image masking services

Image masking service

The clipping path service isn’t enough to maintain perfection in the photos. Along with this you also need image masking services. We usually use different image masking techniques and clipping path methods to remove the background from the photos that have rough or soft edges like hair, fur, or feathery clothes. 

jewelry retouching service

Photoshop shadow service

The customers are always attracted to the product photos that have some sort of attractive and realistic look. Most of the products lose their values if their photos don’t show up the natural appearance. So to solve this issue, we have introduced the Photoshop shadow service. Our skillful teams can create the natural shadow, reflection shadows, and drop shadows to retain the quality of the image. 

Ecommerce photo editing services

Ecommerce product photo editing

Due to the increased demand for high-quality eCommerce product photos in the online marketplaces, we started this new service. Our eCommerce product photos editing services include background removal or replacement, color correction, adding various kinds of image shadows, product photo cleaning, and lastly make the image so attractive that your clients can’t resist buying the product.   

Image Clipping BD

Color correction and editing service

In the digital image, a color allows you to paint the picture as you want. If you encounter any of the issues in black/white or colored photos, don’t worry! We are here to perfectly colorize your picture and remove the unmatching colors from it. We can make sure that our color correction and editing services, sharpen or enhance your image. Our services can be used for fashion photography, product photography, etc.


Image restoration service

The digital images can be stored for a long time but printed images can’t be preserved. As time passes, the printed images get deteriorated and lose their real identity. Our professionals provide the best image restoration services in the market. They can certainly remove the dust, scratches, or blurriness from the photos, colorize them and recover their original look.

What are the features of our services?

With over 10 years, we have a prestigious reputation in the market of photo editing, manipulation, and photo retouching services. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of our highest quality services.

Assured quality

Ensures Best quality. We fully ensure the unmatchable and finest quality work as per the client’s requirements by conducting a 3 step process of quality assurance.

Timely delivery

We know that time is very crucial for the success of any organization. For this, our dedicated, skilled, and hardworking graphic designers work efficiently to ensure on-time delivery.

Easy payment process

We provide a secure, trouble-free, and straightforward payment system to our clients. They can pay easily via PayPal, bank account.

Secured file

Fast and secure data transfer. Hightail, Dropbox, and we transfer enables you to send files hassle-free and securely transfer a bulk of files in real-time.

Competitive pricing

Highly competitive prices. We value your money, so we have designed the competitive prices strategy to ensure the proper utilization of the amount.

Large volume discount

We offer a large discount for the large volume of photos. Simply send your assignment of photo editing with the specifications and get a free trial to access our services.

Bulk mass order actions

Save your time in the repetitive ordering process as we can easily manage orders in bulk. We can handle more than 500 images at a time. To apply chosen actions to get your editing images by multiple ordering in one go.   

Rush services

If you want to receive the images in a limited number of days, get our rush services to solve your photo editing problem at affordable prices.

Our image editing working process

Quickly skim out our services. This visual representation will enable you to decide whether our bulk photo editing service process will meet your demand. 

Clipping path and image editing service - Image Clipping BD
Professional Editing
Timely Delivery

Prices for photo editing services

Our company provides professional and high-end photo editing and retouching services at reasonable prices. Although our services are not the cheapest, our impeccable photo services will indeed be within your range. Because we know that your money and time are very precious!

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services

Start From$0.40 per image

  • Basic Paths = $0.40
  • Simple Paths = $0.75
  • Complex Paths = $2.50
  • Super Complex Paths = $6.50
Background Removing

Background Removing

Start From$0.40 per image

  • Basic Background = $0.40
  • Simple Background = $0.75
  • Hard Background = $2.50
  • Complex Background = $6.50
Ghost mannequin service

Ghost mannequin service

Start From$1.50 per image

  • Neck Joint = 1.50$
  • Remove Mannequin = 1.50$
  • 3D Ghost Mannequin = 1.80$
  • Bottom or Sleeves Joint = 2.50$
Photoshop Shadow Services

Photoshop Shadow Services

Start From$0.25 per image

  • Drop Shadow = 0.25$
  • Natural Shadow = 0.50$
  • Reflection Shadow = 0.50$
  • Retain original shadow = 0.50$
Image Retouching Services

Image Retouching Services

Start From$0.50 per image

  • Product Retouch = 0.50$
  • Basic Photo Retouch = 1.00$
  • Glamour Retouch = 6.50$
  • High-end Retouch = 8.50$

Our image editing experience

With over the struggle and hard work of 10 years we have set high standards of perfection in the field of photo editing. The techniques employed by our creative team are best to produce high-quality resolution images. Our client’s base, belonging to various corners of the world is the symbol of our progress in the long run. We have provided our worthless photo editing services to more than 3000 customers at both SME and Corporate levels.  Based on our performance many new customers are also turning to our image manipulation services.  

☑ Free trial facility for quality judgements.

☑ More than 35 full time expert graphic designer professionals experienced in image editing service.

☑ 6-24 hour turnaround time (most jobs).

☑ High speed Internet bandwidth for handling any file types and sizes (TIFF, PSD, JPEG, PNG, CR2 etc.)

☑ Photoshop Clipping Paths, including Multi-color Path

☑ Image Manipulation Services

☑ Glamour Retouching

☑ Photography Post Production

☑ Ad Design for Magazines, Catalogs or Newspapers

☑ Image Masking (layer or alpha channel)

☑ Object Removal from Photo

☑ Photo Restoration Services

☑ Neck Joint (Ghost mannequin)

☑ Background Removal from Image

☑ Raster to Vector Conversion

☑ Shadow Creation (Drop Shadow, Natural Shadow, Reflection Shadow)

☑ Digital Printing

☑ Color Correction

☑ High End Retouching

☑ Website Image Optimization

☑ High Volume Image Processing

☑ Easy to use and customize

☑ Unlimited revisions

☑ 24/7 Customer support.

☑ Great professional and experienced customer support executives (CSE).

☑ Notifications for download and upload of any job, every time.


All over the world over 3000 photo editing clients, some of them say for us!

I have worked with other freelancers before but ICBD is definitely one of the best. I gave him a schedule to have my work completed by the end of the week and he finished everything 4 days ahead of schedule! And the quality of work is great! Thank you!

Jackson Lam Graphics Designer

Awesome editing! Quick & high quality of work. Happy to make any additional/needed changes without question.

Belle Jonsson Jewelry/Accessories/Bags

Image Clipping BD is a very friendly and kind, they definitely brings perfection. Thank you ICBD, I’ll hire more in the future.

Rick Rodenburg Photographer

Worked with “Image Clipping BD” multiple times. Very good work. Excellent turn around time. Very understanding. Follows directions every time. Will work with theirs again.

Konstantin Ponomarenko E-com site owner

Image Clipping BD was a true expert in photo editing with excellent communication skills. He managed to complete the task in a quick and efficient manner meeting my exact requirements. Would definitely work with ICBD again. Thanks for the excellent work.

Wilson Lo Shopify store owner
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